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What Kind of Trailer Will Transport My Car?

Updated: Jan 15

Are you interested in learning what kind of vehicles or trailers transport your car thousands

of miles? Perhaps you wish to use specialized auto transport trailers to make sure that your

car is transported safely? Well, this comprehensive guide will provide you all the solutions.

We've talked about the three most popular kinds of auto transport trailers as well as the

many kinds of structures they have, so let's get started:

Types of Car Transport Trailers:

Single Vehicle Trailers:

These trailers employ the dually truck system. A gooseneck trailer big enough to haul a

single car or a truck is pulled by a pickup truck with two rear wheels attached on each side.

This type of trailer is typically only used for short-distance vehicle transportation, such as

inter-city car transfer.

However, this form of single-vehicle trailer can be used when you require your automobile to

be moved over a great distance and arrive quickly because it moves more quickly than the

enormous car haulers hauling numerous vehicles. The fundamental distinction between

single-vehicle trailers and flatbed tow trucks is that the latter can also transport trucks, whilst

the former cannot.

Single Level, Multiple Car Trailers:

These trailers offer enough room to accommodate up to six automobiles at once. They have

a single ramp on which all the automobiles are carefully positioned and secured, just like the

single-vehicle trailer. These trailers work well whether you need to transport several RVs,

automobiles, or trailers.

A semi-truck is often utilized for vehicle shipping with this trailer because it requires more

power from the truck to be transported over long distances.

Multiple Level, Multiple Cars Trailers

These multi-level car haulers make up the majority of the vehicles that you will see being

transported on the streets. They resemble a multi-story skyscraper since they have two or

more ramps mounted on top of one another. These ramps are used to load cars, which are

then transported by truck to their destination.

Semi trucks are always used to tow this type of trailer due to the weight and amount of

power needed.

Structures and Car Shipping Trailer Types

You should be aware of the structure type of these trailers now that we've discussed the

several types of trailers that can be utilized to transport your car. All three of the trailers

we've discussed so far are available in the following two types of structures:

Open Carrier:

Without any additional protection, open carriers are the kind of trailers that can

transport your car alongside other cars. Whereas cars are parked on a ramp, they

will resemble ordinary trailers, trucks, or haulers that you see on the road.

Unless you choose an enclosed trailer for added security, this type of trailer will be

used by default to transport a car. However, because of that, the cost of shipping an

automobile will be higher.

Enclosed Carrier:

Enclosed trailers provide the vehicle(s) they are hauling with additional security. By

moving the automobiles in a protected area, such as a container, they can protect

them. It won't matter if it rains, snows, or if the trailer experiences thunderstorms

because the automobiles will be securely covered from all sides.

Additionally, if the trailer is involved in a minor collision with another automobile, the

exterior container will be damaged, but there is a significant probability that the car

inside will be unharmed. The price to ship a car in an enclosed container is higher

than one that is open because of the added security.

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