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How Much Automobile Shipping Cost?

Shipping of a car usually costs about $1.97 per mile for short distances (1 to 500 miles) or approximately $588 for a 300-mile trip. On average, mid-range-distance travel (500–1500 miles) costs $0.93 per mile or $930 for a 1000-mile journey. Long distances (more than 1500 miles) cost about $0.58 per mile, or $870 for a journey of that length.

Several things may affect the total cost of your car shipping service. We advise requesting a quote from a broker or carrier to ensure a more precise assessment of your overall expenses.

Click here to get an instant estimate for your auto transport if you need to figure out how much it will cost to move your car. Do you have any inquiries regarding your transportation? Please don't hesitate to contact our car transport advisors by call at +1-404-965-8775.

Understanding Automobile Transportation

Vehicle transport, another name for auto transport, is a service for transporting cars from one place to another. You can pick between enclosed travel, which provides more protection, and open transport, which is more economical. Enclosed auto transport typically costs thirty to forty percent more than available transport.

How To Get An Estimate For Auto Transport

Car transportation services quotes can be obtained in several ways. You can phone the car transport company directly or request a vehicle shipping quote on their website. If you need your car picked up quickly, you must inform them first.

The following details must be available for your car shipping estimate to be accurate and timely:

  1. The locations for pick-up and delivery of your car (ideally including zip codes to improve quote accuracy).

  2. The kind of car transport you choose (open or enclosed trailer).

  3. Information about your car, such as the model, year, and make (to ensure the proper size transport trailer is available).

  4. Details about your car's operating condition, such as its ability to move forward and backward and whether or not it has basic steering for loading and unloading trucks.

  5. The earliest time that your car can be picked up.

How To Get An Estimate For Auto Transport

You'll probably work with one of three kinds of car transportation services: lead suppliers, brokers, or carriers.

Lead providers give automobile owners a list of possible carriers, or "leads," based on the parameters they provide. The owner is then responsible for conducting additional research or contacting the carriers on the supplied list to choose the one that best suits their requirements and budget.

Calculate My Auto Shipping Costs And My Car Shipping Cost

The industry bases car transportation rates and bids on customer specifications. The cost of car transport depends on many factors, including the distance, type of vehicle (enclosed or open), location (rural vs. urban), vehicle condition (operational or inoperable), time of year, and more. With the American Carship auto transportation calculator, you can enter all your automobile information for an affordable price without extra fees.

Factors Which We Used To Calculate Car Shipping Cost
What Factors Affect Auto Shipping Prices?

The duration of the trip determines car shipping costs. Longer distances cost more for car transportation, but per-mile prices are usually lower. Get the best automobile shipping quote with the calculator. Remember that exporting a car may cost more than land transportation.


Apart from a distance, the route refers to the roads and highways used to move the car. Increased traffic congestion on streets through heavily populated areas may impact travel times and delivery costs.

Other route-related factors that could affect shipping expenses include:

  • The state of the roads itself

  • bad weather

  • road construction

Shipment Date

When scheduling auto transport services, the date of shipment greatly influences the final cost. Planning your car shipment well in advance is advised. As soon as you decide to ship your car, look up a car transport company online to get an estimate for shipping a vehicle. Furthermore, if you are flexible with the dates of the automobile pick-up, your car transport price may be less.

The Vehicle's
Model And Make

Please provide your car's exact details so we can arrange its transportation. Our truck drivers depend on this information to measure the space required to safely secure your car and guarantee the right trailer height and side clearance. Longer or taller cars could require more modifications while being transported, which could slightly increase the cost of auto transporters. Any changes you make to your car, such as adding roof racks or bigger tires, may raise the final price. Please contact us at +1-404-965-8775 if you have made any alterations to your car. This will guarantee a perfect fit on the auto transport trailer and help us offer you an accurate price for car shipping service.

Auto Transport Type

Since open auto transport is the most affordable option and the generally recognized industry standard for vehicle transportation, most people who choose car shipping choose it. We advise considering covered automobile transportation options for increased security during auto shipping. This choice offers a barrier of defense against debris and bad weather. Even though enclosed auto transport may cost more to move an automobile, the investment is worth it for its assurance, mainly when exporting expensive, exotic, or delicate vehicles.

Condition Of The Vehicle

When working with auto shippers, having a running car to receive a more favorable auto shipping price for the required distance is beneficial. If your automobile can still roll, turn, and brake but is not functional, you must lift it onto the carrier trailer with specific tools like a winch and other accommodations. The cost of shipping could go up as a result of this new rule.

Please be aware that American Carship Auto Transport can only issue an estimate for auto shipment if the vehicle can:

  • Use a lift truck or wrecker to load, unload

  • Roll, brake, and steer.

Vehicle Details

Car shipment quotes, and costs depend on several car factors. That includes:

Height, Length, Curb Weight

Higher, longer, and heavier vehicles may need a specific truck or trailer type to handle their size and weight. Exact trailer locations may also be required. The driver may move fewer or smaller vehicles to meet weight limits and suit particular demands.


Car transport costs are lowered in urban locations since more trucks are usually available to fulfill orders for car transportation. When planning car travel, we aim to negotiate the best prices for those living in smaller towns. In the event that you live far from the highway, you can schedule a meeting place at which you and the driver can meet. This option may speed the auto transportation process overall, resulting in a more advantageous cost for automobile delivery.

Seasonal Factors

The season of the year has a significant impact on how much car shipment costs. For example, during the snowbird season, demand for auto transport services to warmer areas is considerable, which drives up the cost of car transportation to those locations. Use a car shipping calculator to get precise pricing for shipping. We advise experimenting with several delivery dates based on your schedule flexibility so you can track rate changes and choose the most economical one.

Auto Transport Insurance

If you have enough space at home to park and load/unload, our driver can come to you! Remember the correct addresses when ordering car shipping. This may not be possible based on your region.

Our Vehicle Transportation Services:

Door-to-door Vehicle shipping

If you have enough space at home to park and load/unload, our driver can come to you! Remember the correct addresses when ordering car shipping. This may not be possible based on your region.

Open Vehicle shipping

Open trailers are the cheapest way to ship your car, saving you 35% or more. Additional fees apply for top-loading spots for added security. Open shipping is not recommended for luxury or classic cars.

Expedited Vehicle shipping

Select our premium fast car shipping service to start your shipment within 24 to 48 hours of ordering. Remember that expedited shipping costs more—call 

(404) 965-8775 to schedule auto pickup

Enclosed Vehicle shipping

Vintage and exotic automobile transportation is best with enclosed car shipments to avoid road debris and bad weather. Please note that included shipping costs.

How Can I Schedule With A Car Transport Company?

American Carship door to door transport guide to swift, simple, and secure vehicle transport
Easy steps for our car delivery service:

Step 1

Estimate and place your order.

Step 2

We will come to pick up your car.

Step 3

Receive your car.

Because we are a reputable long distance car transport Service, getting your car from point A to point B is hassle-free. Allow us to deliver your car to your door, taking care of everything smoothly to prevent any problems along the way.

How Much Do Car Shipping Companies Charge?

The national auto transport market determines prices charged by vehicle transportation companies as of right now. The type of automobile you want to transfer, where it has to go, its size, its condition (or if it has been modified), the total distance it needs to travel, the method of transport (open or enclosed trailer transportation), and, lastly, the season you book will all affect how much auto shipping firms charge you in total.

Remember to look for further discounts and deals. Use our live chat feature our car shipping calculator, or give us a call at (404) 965-8775 to get a quote.

Vehicle Size and Weight

Longer, taller or extra-heavy vehicles could require unique handling from car shipping firms, resulting in different quotes

Vehicle Size and Weight

Because it takes more manpower and tools for auto shipping companies to handle the trip, transporting non-operational autos results in greater expenses. We can transport your car without additional cost if it can roll, steer, and brake.

Method of Transport

The more affordable and conventional option is open transport. Enclosed transport requires special treatment, which could result in a different price.

Distance of Shipping

The total cost is higher, while the cost per mile is lower over longer distances. You can save more on auto shipping the farther your car goes.

Utilizing American CarShip to Ship a Vehicle

Being a first-time shipper, shipping a vehicle might be a difficult affair. It might be challenging to choose a car transfer service because there is so much information available to look through. At American CarShip, we strive to make the entire transfer process as straightforward as possible. You can easily estimate the cost of your car shipment by utilizing our free online car shipping calculator or by calling one of our knowledgeable transport specialists and receiving a personalized quote over the phone. Any queries you may have along the way regarding the auto transfer procedure will be gladly addressed by
our team.

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