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How much more expensive is enclosed car shipping?

Updated: Jan 15

Are you curious as to why or by how much covered car shipping services are more

expensive than open carrier transport? So be sure to read this comprehensive instruction

through to the conclusion in order to fully comprehend everything.

We will go over everything vital you need to know, from discussing the different types of cars

that are carried to providing you an idea of the cost differences and more. Having stated

that, let's get started:

What Cars Can Be Shipped in Enclosed Car Shipping?

If you're unaware, enclosed car transport is the movement of automobiles inside a

safe container that shields them from the elements of the road and the weather as

well as in the event that the carrier is involved in an accident. It costs more because

it provides more security than open-air transportation. Your everyday, common

autos, however, might not actually require covered shipment. These are the kinds of

vehicles that:

● Classic Cars

● Custom Cars

● Antique Cars

● Luxury Cars

● Exotic Cars

● Super Cars

● Sports Cars

How much more does shipping an enclosed car cost?

The type of automobile, overall distance, add-ons (such expedited shipping), weight, and

dimensions of a car are all important considerations, so there isn't really a simple solution to this topic. These factors will determine the final quote.

However, if you were to claim that a car meets all of the aforementioned criteria and that you

want different quotes for moving it in open and enclosed containers to the same place, the

cost of car shipping would vary by 30 to 40%.

This indicates that if shipping a car costs $1,000 in an enclosed container, shipping it in an

open container would cost $600-$700. Depending on the season and the level of demand, it

might even be less than that.

So why does enclosed car shipping cost more?

There are a number of factors that make its greater price completely justified. The main

reasons enclosed auto transport should be more expensive are as follows:

● Limited Availability: Car shipping companies don't purchase many covered

containers because the demand for open carrier transport is stronger and the

enclosed containers are more expensive to buy and maintain. As a result,

these containers are frequently hard to come by, which drives up their price.

● VIP Service: Because they must handle high-value and extremely expensive

vehicles, car handlers in enclosed containers receive additional training. A

small error could end up costing the business a lot. Thus, the cars being

carried in enclosed containers receive superior service as a result.

● Larger Insurance: Despite being at a higher risk of damage due to being in

the open, open carrier vehicles do not have particularly high insurance rates.

Their low overall worth is the cause of this. The insurance coverage limit

increases to $1 million or even more for automobiles that are enclosed.

● Fewer Cars: With the container closed, there is less room for transporting

cars. The truck is currently traveling the same distance, the driver is exerting

the same effort, and the fuel consumption is the same, but there are fewer

cars on the road. In order to close this gap and ensure that it makes its fair

amount of profit, the corporation must raise the price.

Parting Words:

Shipping a car in an enclosed container is undoubtedly expensive, but it's also not

designed for regular cars. In order to provide the best safety and careful treatment,

VIP class cars are transported within closed containers.

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