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Car Shipping Companies

American Car Ship is the Top-Rated Choice for Auto Transport

American Car Ship is one of the highest rated Car Transport Companies in the United States.

We became so highly rated by giving the best rates with the best customer service. It’s not easy keeping such a good reputation as a top-rated Auto Transport Company. When you ship thousands of cars a month, it can get a bit hectic. However, your move will always be a priority for us and your dedicated car shipping agent.

What makes a good car shipping company?

Their knowledge and experience with the auto transport industry is crucial. In general, it’s good to go with a car shipping company that has years of experience. It is also beneficial to go with a company that is fully capable of managing all aspects of the auto transport process, should any road bumps arise. The longer the company has been in business, the more likely they are to have a solid list of preferred carriers to ship their client’s cars.

The Car Shipping Companies online review reputation can tell a lot about how solid a car shipping company is.

The BBB rating and amount of happy customer reviews will give you a good indicator of reliability. If the vehicle transport company you're considering has only a small amount of unfavorable reviews online, they you may want to keep looking for a better auto transport company.

The Car Shipping Companies insurance coverage is a good sign of how serious they take their damage claims. Most Auto Transport Companies are brokering and sub out the actual car shipping. Each independent carrier is supposed to carry their own cargo insurance to handle an incident. A larger, experienced Auto Transport company will carry their own contingency cargo insurance policy, so you have extra peace of mind. If the carrier’s insurance has an issue, then you are backed by the company that hired that carrier.

A Car Transport Company that pays close attention to detail is also a strong indicator of how well your car transport experience will go.

There are a lot of moving parts to the auto transport process. It is imperative to have a dedicated, experienced agent that listens very clearly to your situation and your needs for shipping a car. The more information you have about why that car needs shipped, the easier it is for the agent to find you the most qualified vehicle transport carrier, and for a good rate.

What are the reasons anyone would go online and search for Car Shipping Companies?

You purchased a car online from a decent distance away and need to have it shipped home. Hiring a car shipping company is generally cheaper than flying and driving the car back. When adding up the cost of fuel, hotel, food, and car mileage, the cost of hiring a car transport company looks attractive. We didn’t even mention the time you have to spend driving the car, when you could be making money, instead of spending it on the road.

You're moving across the country and need to get your vehicle there, as well.

Moving is definitely a stressful situation, let alone thinking about how to get your two cars to the new home. Hiring a Car Transport Company is always a good option and can alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress. Make sure you get several different quotes from legitimate car shipping companies. American Car Ship is one the best Car Shipping Companies in the U.S., and you can get an instant car shipping quote by filling out our online car shipping Calculator, calling us at (404) 806 - 5330, or starting a live chat with one of our car transport experts.

How about a Car Show clear across the country? Many car collectors hire car transport companies to drop their collector cars to the events. These collectors then have the cars shipped home, at the end. American Car Ship transports hundreds of collector cars to shows every year, and is a great choice for hiring a Car Shipping Company to take care of your baby.

You may be a snowbird and travel south for the winter.

Many snowbirds each year hire car transport companies to move their cars to their winter homes when the weather starts to get cold. It can get very busy during this time of year, so pricing can fluctuate quite a bit. Be sure to hire a car shipping company with plenty of time to find you a qualified carrier for a reasonable rate. American Car Ship is one of the best rate Snow Bird Car Shipping Companies in the United States, who have shipped over 5000 snowbird vehicles since opening its doors in 2012.

American Carship Inc.

555 North Point Center E Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA

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