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An Inspection Report for a Vehicle's Importance

Updated: Jan 15

Your car will be delivered and received in perfect condition thanks to the vehicle inspection

report, which is an essential step in the auto shipping procedure. A report also gives you

leverage with the carrier, enabling you to demand that they handle your automobile carefully

to prevent any damage.

We advise you to read this tutorial all the way through if you want to understand what an

inspection report is, why it is necessary, and when/how it is done. We've covered a number of crucial issues that are necessary to make sure your auto shipping happens without a hitch.

The Vehicle Inspection Report:

What Is It?

Simply defined, it is a document that details every aspect of the car's condition,

including dents, marks, scratches, and anything else you wish to record to protect

your asset.

By doing this, you will have a piece of paper with notes and photos to support your

claim that the vehicle was damaged during transportation if it is damaged during


The report will be an official document because it will bear the signatures of both the

driver and you or your chosen agent.

Why Is The Inspection Report Vital

For Shipping Automobiles?

Things can occasionally go wrong when you use an auto shipping service, and your

car could sustain some damage. How will you know what dings or scrapes the car

sustained in this situation during transportation?

How will you prove to the carrier or the court (if applicable) that the car is not in the

same condition as when you gave it to the driver? An inspection report is helpful in

this situation. You will be able to take pictures of your car from all sides and

document its condition.

You or the person you designated for the task and the driver will then sign this

report. As a result, if anything goes wrong during the trip, you will have hard

documentation to support your claim and get paid for the losses.

When Should I Inspect My Vehicle?

Either you or the carrier can perform the inspection. In either case, it is essential that

you or whoever else you assign to the work be present. Here are the dates and

procedures for the inspection:

At the Time of Pickup:

● The driver, you, or your pickup contact, must conduct an inspection jointly. It

will feature images of the vehicle taken from various perspectives.

● Mark all of the existing damage to the car, such as dents, color peeling,

scratches, and other blemishes.

● Once the inspection is complete, the driver, along with you or your designated

contact, will sign the report to certify its accuracy.

At the Time of Delivery:

● You or your designated contact will inspect the automobile one more time with

the driver once it has been delivered.

● Be sure to properly inspect it, compare its condition to the state in the

photographs, and look for any missing parts.

● If everything goes smoothly, you and the driver will both sign a final report,

which you will each keep a copy of.

Now that you are aware of the value of an inspection report and how to obtain one

when hiring an auto shipping service, we advise you to never skip this step,

regardless of how reliable the shipping company is. You must make sure that your

car is viewed as a valuable asset. You can call us right away if you have any queries

or if you want us to handle the shipping and inspection.

American Carship Inc.

555 North Point Center E Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA

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