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American Car Ship is listed among the top car shipping companies by TravelMag.

Updated: Jan 15

Even still, there are still a few organizations to pick from if you need to ship an automobile

and want to avoid working with mediocre service providers in favor of the best of the best.

This means that in order to choose the best auto transport service provider from the top

ones, you still need some measurements. Examining what other people are saying about

them is the most effective approach to do that.

Others here refer to the most reputable reviewers and leading authorities. This is the

greatest technique to choose which major vehicle transportation company delivers the best

value for the money. TravelMag is one of these reliable review sites, and they named

American Car Ship as one of the top auto transport firms!

What is the purpose of TravelMag?

It's all about travel-related topics! With more than 50 contributors (authors) from around the world, TravelMag is one of the top publications in the online travel & tourism sector. They cover a wide range of topics, including the best hotels, modes of transportation, travel

advice, must-see local and off-the-beaten-path locations, and more.

They specialize in roundups of the best of various destinations, services, and goods

relating to travel and transportation, and readers of their blogs do so purely for


American Car Ship was described as one of the nation's best Auto Transport services in a recent TravelMag article titled 5 of The Best Car Shipping Companies. This is fantastic news that shows how rapidly the vehicle transport sector has developed.

What made TravelMag choose American Car Ship?

Large review sites like TravelMag typically do their research, read reviews, speak with

consumers, and perhaps even use the service themselves before listing a business as one

of their best suggestions. They want to make sure their followers will receive excellent value

from them and that the business they are suggesting to their customers is the real deal. Here

are a few things they praised about us and that are highlighted in their review:

● Specializing in Local & International Car Transport: They made mention of

American Car Ship's specialization in both local and international car shipping

early on in their review, and it's accurate! Few businesses provide the same

caliber of all-inclusive solutions.

● Dealing With a Variety of Automobiles: This is another issue that they took

into consideration, and it is due to the fact that we ship all types of vehicles,

including cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes, and even boats. This, along with

domestic and international shipping, gives us a comprehensive offering to

meet the demands of all kinds of car transport clients.

● Strong Carrier Relationships: We place a strong emphasis on remaining

with the same carriers we have been utilizing for years. As a result, they have

joined our EAS family. Good communication with carriers means that they are

more driven to provide the best costs while exceeding expectations for service


● Fair Pricing: We are able to negotiate the best costs for our customers

thanks to our relationships with carriers and large orders. The total cost to

ship an automobile is still less than the industry standard, even once our

service fee is taken into account.

● Instant Quoting Technology: We were among the first to use the technology

for car shipping quotes, which has transformed the way clients obtain quotes.

Customers can use our free online auto transport quote calculator to get a

rough idea of the price of car shipment for their specific vehicle and

destination. The distance between the pick-up and delivery locations, the

state of the roads, and the amount of gasoline used are all taken into account

by a special algorithm in our vehicle transport quotation calculator to provide a

precise estimate.

● Passion for Logistics: TravelMag has appropriately recognized our

enthusiasm for logistics and transportation. Perhaps it was the countless

glowing testimonials they read about us on websites like BirdEye, Google

Business, and BBB. Whatever the case may be, we take great pleasure in

moving vehicles, meeting new people, and resolving their logistical problems,

which further distinguishes us from the competition.

Other platforms on which American Car Ship

has been highlighted include:

We have already been named one of the best auto transport businesses in the nation by a

reputable review site. Additionally, we were listed as one of the top 5 car shipping

businesses on the well-known authority website moveBuddha.

In addition, Forbes included us in its list of the top auto transporters for 2021. The bottom

line is that we truly are among the top providers of automobile transport services in the entire

nation, and the greatest part is that we deliver the finest value for your money. So give us a

call today to receive your free car shipping quote!

American Carship Inc.

555 North Point Center E Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA

USDOT 3962868

MC 1478460

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