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5 Tips for Shipping a Motorcycle

Updated: Jan 15

There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure a seamless process while having

your motorcycle transported by a vehicle transport company. The most important ones are

listed below; be sure to read them to ensure a safe and simple bike transfer experience. Tips

for Shipping a Motorcycle include the following:

Gain Control of Delivery Time

You can anticipate your bike to arrive between a basic range of dates that the car transport

provider will give you. This is due to the fact that shipping a motorcycle involves a number of

variables. Your bike may be grouped with other bikes. Is there a possibility of experiencing

adverse weather, such as a tornado or blizzard? Do the trucks need to travel over any

mountains or lengthy bridges? The timing of your bike delivery may be impacted by these


So that they can plan your bike's delivery appropriately, be sure to give your car transport business the precise date you want your bike delivered.

Drain-All Fluids:

The next thing to do after selecting the firm and deciding on a date is to drain all of

the fluids from your bike. This implies that any fluids that flow inside it—including

hydraulic fluids, oil, gas, and anything else—should be removed. It is forbidden to

move motor vehicles that contain any fluids within freight containers. This is due to

the fact that the majority of these fluids are combustible and are therefore safety


It may also be difficult to transfer something that is seen to be a safety threat across

borders, particularly if you are shipping from the US to Canada or Canada to the US.

We advise that you simply drain the fluids to save yourself all the effort.

Reduce Pressure in Tires:

You must also remove the air from your bike's tires when the fluids are removed. The

tires will be able to better absorb the shock from vibrations and road bumps if a little

extra space is left inside of them. Additionally, the tires will last longer because they

won't quickly blow out if there is space for the air to travel within.

We do not advise that you completely deflate the tires because doing so could harm

both the tires and the metal rims. In order for the tires to carry the weight of the

motorcycle and better absorb shocks, we are merely advising that the pressure be

reduced a little.

Remove Batteries and Valuables

The time when motorbikes were only used for transportation has long since passed.

Nowadays, individuals install all kinds of equipment, including premium spotlights,

GPS systems, loud horns, pricey mirrors, and unusual tail lights. We advise you to

remove anything important that is mounted in your motorcycle so there is no danger

of theft while you are traveling.

Remove the motorcycle's battery as well to protect it from weather-related harm

while being transported. Additionally, disconnecting the battery will prevent the

electrical systems from inadvertently going on and depleting your battery while in


Purchase a Custom Crate:

When everything is finished, pack your bike inside a crate because most car

transport firms won't accept it if it is not packaged correctly. Therefore, when you are

packing your motorcycle, be sure to do so in a method that prevents your motorcycle

from tipping over during the journey.

To keep the bike upright, fasten the sides of the crate; for added safety, you can also

place some bubble wrap or foam cushioning inside.

American Carship Inc.

555 North Point Center E Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA

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