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Multi-Car Shipping

Updated: Jan 15

Whatever you need, American Car Ship can provide!

American Car Ship is an expert at taking up multi-car shipping orders from clients. We have a database system that allows us to arrange multi-car shipping for you and your company, and contacting the relevant transporters. American Car Ship will carefully assess your needs and the details of your shipping, before arranging services for you. American Car Ship has an extremely professional and skilled staff when it comes to pick-up and delivery for multi-car. Our logistics department can take care of arranging expert staff members, so you don’t feel under staffed during your shipping task.

American Car Ship is always more than happy to move more than one car for you at the same time. In fact, American Car Ship prefers multi-car transport, because it is an extremely time and cost-efficient process. Multiple cars are being shipped all together. Several dealer and rental agencies go for multi-car services with American Car Ship. They want several cars moved at the same time, so that they can keep stocking their inventory, while not incurring a huge cost for transport.

You could also be a family with multiple cars, who are moving across the state. It is not strange to see multiple families move together with their cars. Whatever your requirements are, American Car Ship can fulfill them!

Multi-Car Shipping
American CarShip

Multi-car Shipping and the Details Involved

There are several details and logistics involved in the entire process. For example you can’t simply put your car at a random spot and just leave, just like that. There needs to be more responsibility and concern when multi-car transport needs to be performed, especially since it is different from simply car shipping. American Car Ship has to keep in mind the following details:

  • Distance: How far away is the drop off for your multi-car transport order? How many stops are there along the way?


  • Routes: Do you need a permit to access a certain route or not? Which route needs to be taken? Which route will maximize efficiency and reduce potential time delays? What are alternative routes than can be taken, should things not go as planned? The routes must also be such that they can accommodate your heavy equipment.


  • Restrictions: Certain restrictions need to be kept in mind, such as the size and weight of your multi-shipping order. This is key for American Car Ship to take care of your load.

Multi-Car Shipping and How to Handle it

It doesn’t matter how expansive your order is, American Car Ship can always help you out! We do not have any difficulty in moving a large number of cars across from one state to another. We are simply the best at shipping and want you to experience it!

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American Carship Inc.

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