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International Auto Transport

Updated: Jan 15

Shipping Internationally with American Car Ship

Why choose American Car Ship for your International Auto Transport

American Car Ship partners with some of the largest dealers in the country to service their international transportation needs. It is our number one priority for our customers to be happy with their international transport. We give personal attention to every order, which ensures stress-free shipping each time.

Shipping Internationally with American Car Ship
American CarShip

There are benefits to International Auto Transport with Us

We won’t charge you until the international car transport is assigned

We work quickly to assign one of our trusted team of carriers to ship your car internationally, and we don’t charge your credit card for payment until after the assignment is made.

Excellent customer service

Our Customer support team is available 12 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our friendly agents are trained to find the best transport solution for your international shipping needs.

Know your driver

We keep open communication with all of our customers and connect them with their vehicle’s carrier so they can get information faster for their international transport.

Guaranteed Pick-up

If your availability to release the car for pick-up is limited, then American Car Ship can offer a special option for a guaranteed pick-up on a specific day.

Attention to detail

International auto shipping requires coordination and timely pickup and drop offs. American Car Ship will work with you every step of the way within the United States to help with your overseas car shipment.

Open transport

For international car shipping, American Car Ship recommends open transport because it is affordable. When you are calculating how much it costs to ship a vehicle overseas, every penny counts. Open transport is the cheapest and most widely used option for shipping any car within the United States. We provide door-to-door service, which means that the assigned carrier will come as close to your home as they can legally and safely.

If price is not your prime concern, we can also transport your car for shipping by several other methods:

Enclosed Transport

Want to avoid the nasty dirt and grime that can cover your international transport when it goes on an open transport? If you are expecting bad weather along the route, then protect your car with enclosed auto transport. Our enclosed car shipping carriers have special knowledge about classic, luxury, and collectible cars. Antique car haulers carry higher insurance policy limits because of the higher value of their cargo. If your international transport vehicle is worth $50,000 or more, you may want to consider using enclosed auto transport to transport it to a shipping port. You won’t need to give the assigned driver a vehicle title or registration, as long as we aren’t delivering to a place that requires such documentation. Just be ready with the car and the keys, simple as that.

Enclosed transport also features:

  • Hydraulic lift gates, which are necessary when loading and unloading a car with low ground clearance.

  • Consistent updates, by which our shipping advisers will keep you updated, via email, with information about your vehicle at all stages of your classic car transport.

  • Guaranteed pick-up on a specific day, optional if you want to oversee the loading of your vehicle at your convenience.

Door to Door Transport

With door-to-door auto transport service, your carrier is ready to haul your international car transport right away. When your car gets picked up and delivered right at your doorstep, you’ll be able to oversee the loading and unloading process, and inspect the vehicle immediately. The carrier will give you the inspection report with no waiting and you’ll receive regular updates via phone and email. Keep in touch with the carrier company and the designated carrier as well.

Expedited Shipping

With expedited shipping, your car is a priority for pickup. The carrier may have to reschedule some of his other pick-ups to meet your needs, so we offer this service at a premium price. You’ll receive regular updates via phone and email, and you can keep in touch with the designated carrier as well. You can ship one suitcase or box with personal items (under 100 lbs.) in the trunk at no additional charge. But keep in mind that because of safety standards, the carrier has the right to check the trunk for unlawful items.

Shipping Ports

Easy Auto Ship hauls to and from all ports across the United States, and works with international auto carriers to complete the transport. When shipping abroad, be sure to budget extra money for permits to pick up or drop off the vehicle at the port!


If your car is coming or going by air, we’ll make sure the carrier follows all instructions for proper loading and unloading. Your car will be insured with the motor carrier’s cargo policy and Easy Auto Ship’s contingent insurance during the transport we provide within the United States. In the case of international auto shipping, the international marine carriers will inform you of their own coverage when the vehicle leaves the U.S.

No hidden fees

American Car Ship’s prices are all-inclusive, and there are no additional or hidden fees. We have open or enclosed door-to-door transport, as well as expedited shipping. Give us a call today at 404-965-8775, or use our online chat to select your option.

Tax-free service

We don’t apply sales tax to the shipping services we offer because the price you’ll receive is all-inclusive. You will save money when you ship with us for international car transport.

Your satisfaction is always our top priority with International Auto Transport.

American Carship Inc.

555 North Point Center E Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30022, USA

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